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Starting January 2010
New additional project of product and process optimization. Assistance for new laboratory for testing pulp-type & similar products. Development of new test methods and quantification of particular effects occurring during use. Further assistance for systematic analysis of basics for product modifications.

December 2009
Start of a new simulation project in robotic application for large customer. Capability as well as the perfect design of Lithium-Polymer-Packs (e.g. 25.9 V, 30 Ah) including complex PCM, plus possibilities for replacement of Lead based batteries (AGM or Gel) in previously introduced mass products are being tested.

November 2009
Enlargement of technical consulting business to Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Primary Cells acc. to industrial standard (Li Thionyl Chloride, Li Manganese Dioxide). Widespread check for qualification of different accumulator types and Primary cells for the German market. New mandate for comprehensive analysis of Asian manufacturers.

June 2009
New set of technical training units for sales, marketing and technical employees on battery technologies - focus on optimization of customer-specific solutions in both manufacturing and preceding design phases

Since December 2008
Own new network for services established, targeting battery & related branches. Portfolio contains

- Chemical analysis
- Physical tests, including tear down analysis of batteries etc
- Installation of own electrical test equipment in progress
- Planning and erection of chemical production equipment

July 2008
Lithium battery pack assembly is supported by CRTS. Manufacturing and testing of specifically designed solutions running successfully. Quickly expanding new field of business for the respective customer, technical sales support by CRTS

June 2008
Lithium battery sector is being enlarged with regard to customer-specific solutions (design-in)

(May 2007 - ) February 2009
Major activities for qualification and establishing of new business with Asian suppliers. This kind of activity is maintained continuously and being enlarged including also PCMs (Protective Circuit Modules) for Lithium accumulators.

August November 2007
Implementation of a new test department including high end equipment for all kinds of batteries on location of a customer in Southern Germany. Introduction of that to and education of employees. New test methods for qualification, support for quality related claims and development of new products. Furthermore provides CRTS ongoing support in methodology, performance and interpretation of test results.

May 2007
CRTS enlarges co-operation with partner Nordson Deutschland in order to identify and equip new applications for foamed melt glues. Specialized projects are in preparation and to be generalised for other branches

March 2007
CRTS starts consulting business for Lithium accumulators. First successful implementation of this as a new segment for a customer in Electronics and Batteries business.
This customer is still being supported by trainings as well as by active support for sales, marketing and QA.

December 2006
CRTS manages technical projects in the field of glues for specialized industrial applications. Our partner is the German branch of Nordson Corporation -

Since October 2006
Co-operation with the consulting network Dittmann und Partner