Bad Iburg - Germany

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The independent consulting company CRTS Consult was founded
early in 2006 by Dr. Christian Recker.

CRTS Consult provides multidisciplinary service in solving technical

The service portfolio contains either the flexibility of conducting
management of or cooperation in technical projects or proposals
for the solution within existing manufacturing. A special advantage
of CRTS Consult is its flexibility for international assignments.
Of course the documentation of the project will also be part of the

Remaining and arising problems during the permanent reduction
of human resources within the companies makes consultants
necessary. CRTS Consult provides time-limited technical
management as well as international service.

  • Industrial companies
  • Consulting companies (also international)


Together with the customer we analyze the problem on site
and provide proposals for the solution. If wanted, we accompany
the measures, the serial implementation and document the
particular project. Together we evaluate the success of the
measures and complete the project.

Within all steps we respect the necessities of the existing
QA-system and follow the requirements of our customer.


Pragmatic solutions for our customers - According to their needs